Date: 21 April,YEAR Released (2018)

Sistem requirements (minimum),Platform: PC/Windows all

Censorship: None / a patch to remove

Genre:EROTIC Adventure,Ren'py, RPG, 3DCG,ADULT SEX GAME,MILF, Big tits,Visual novel,Voyeur,Masturbation,Animation,Striptease,BIG BOOBS,LESBIANS,PUBLIC SEX,Orgy,CRAMPIE,ALL SEX,Doggystle,Oral sex,BLOWJOBS,FACIJALS,CUMSHOTS

Language: English

Publisher: Perverteer

Size: 620 MB

Fix for v0.33 and onwards to restore inc....:

Just open the developer console by pressing Shift+O and type: set_special(True)

When properly put into the console, ensuring you're using the correct uppercase and lowercase characters, the title screen will show 'Taboo Edition'

You only have to do this once, the changes should be persistent and will carry over to new releases of the game.


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