Sistem requirements (minimum),Platform: PC/Windows all, Linux
Date: 07.11.
Language: English
Version: 1.32
Censored: No / a patch to remove
Size: 1.48 GiB
Developer / Publisher: Tinkerer
Tags: Rpg, 3DCG, Adventure, Male Hero, Sexy Girls, Big Tits, Big Ass, All Sex, Blowjob, Anal, Hardcore Sex, Bdsm, Doggystyle, Gangbang, Warrior, Monsters, Threesome, Giantess, Milking, Monster Girl, Fantasy

- 14 New images for the alternate events
- Changed grandma's dialogue images to the new model
- Fixed some minor bugs
What's new?
- 120+ images (lost count)
- 5 new scenes with Mia and related quests
- A new outfit in Edgars shop
- Refurbished map of the area where Mia lives
- Bandits can now be caught and turned in for a bounty (speak to guard at tower)
- Added a spirit potion point for Vixenatrix non-pregnant sex scenes (check out her lair)
- Added more new and existing quests to the quest log
- Added more new icons for items
- A new title/splash screen (one I'm actually happy with:-) )
- Fixed several bugs or other minor improvements.

How to transfer old savegames:

Simply copy the 'save' folder (within the 'www' folder) from the old version and past it over the same folder in the new version.


download :

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